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suggestions for interface improvements (Read 512 times)
Apr 28th, 2016 at 7:47pm

Nikolay.P   Offline
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I'd like to suggest a few changes to Ugene GUI that may improve user experience.

It would be great if Ugene could remember preferred layout of panes, their sizes and active/inactive features and automatically load the layout when the corresponding file type in opened. For example, with plasmids I usually disable circular view and complementary strand in details pane to have more space for annotations. However by default both circular view and complementary strand are enabled. Since the layout is highly customizible it would make sense if the default settings are adjustable as well.

When working with 'zoom view' pane of sequence (e.g. plasmid) it would be helpful if annotation lanes could be collapsed/expanded according to the annotation group(s). This feature would provide significant space saving for heavily annotated sequence. For example, at the moment each restriction enzyme appears in its own lane - this would be expanded view. Upon collapsing, all restriction enzyme arrows would merge in one lane. Similar logic can apply to primers, promotes etc ... this implies that annotations should support at least one level of grouping.

In paired-end NGS assembly view it would be helpful if upon highlighting/selecting a read its mate read would be automatically highlighted as well (or maybe something like a dashed line appearing between the two reads).

Thank you.
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