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UGENE-NIAID Milestone1 Deliveries

This page contains deliveries for the first milestone of the UGENE-NIAD project.

Software Packages

Find below alpha-version packages of UGENE 1.12 (r.3904) for different operating systems:

Download full package for Windows (x64)
Download full package for Linux (x64)
Download full package for Mac OS X (x64)

Documentation Package

The package contains the following tutorials:

Download package 

Sample Data Package

The package contains sample data for the pipelines tutorials. 
Download package 

Cistrome Configuration Package

The package contains additional scripts for configuration of the Cistrome pipeline. 
Download package 

UGENE Web Browsers Extensions Package

This package contains UGENE extension for web browsers that can be used for integration of UGENE with BioMart. 
Download package