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A metainformation block sets visual parameters of the workflow and aliases for running it from the command line.

Each block starts with .meta keyword and consists of the aliases and visual blocks:

Parameter Aliases

The block starts with the parameter-aliases keyword and has the following format:

The value specified for an element parameter is used as the alias for this parameter when the workflow is executed from the command line.

See an example of setting workflow aliases:


The block starts with the visual keyword. It describes the appearance of the workflow in a Workflow Designer window, i.e. appearance of the workflow elements and connections:

To describe an element appearance the following parameters are used:

  • description — description of the element in the Property Editor. It is in HTML format.

  • tooltip — tooltip shown on the element.

  • pos — position of the element, assuming that bottom right corner of the window is (0, 0) position.

  • style — style of the element. The following values are available:

    • ext — for extended element style
    • simple — for minimal element style
  • bounds — defines the bounds of the element rectangle in the extended style.
  • bg-color-ext — color of the element in the extended style. The color must be specified in the RGBA format.
  • bg-color-simple — color of the element in the minimal style.
  • port_name.angle — position of the port on the element. Here the port_name must be replaced by the name of the port.

For now, the only parameter that describes a connection appearance is:

  • text-pos — position of the text near the connection arrow.

For example:

  • No labels