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Selection in the Sequence View components

Selection of a sequence region is synchronized between different different Sequence View components components.

Selection in the Sequence View components

In the Sequence Overview the selection is displayed as a blue line:


Selecting a region using the dialog

If the region coordinates are known, to select it information about exact coordinates of a region is available, click the Select sequence region button  on the toolbar , choose or Select–>Sequence region in the context menu of the Sequence View. The Input the coordinates in the Region Selection dialog appears:

     <img src="/wiki/download/attachments/20880218/Selecting Sequence Region_5.png"/>

It is possible to chooseinput:

  • Single Range Selection — a common region with a single range. Use the Min and Max buttons to set up automatically specify the beginning and the end of the sequence in the corresponding fields.
  • Multiple Range Selection — a region that consists of several join elements. For , for example, this may be exons of a gene. See "The DDBJ/ENA/GenBank Feature Table Definition" for details.


To select a region that contains both the annotations in a single range, choose the Sequence around selected annotations item in the menu.